C~Fix™ has been designed as an alternative to standard bone screws. Cingular’s displacement thread technology coupled with a mathematically optimized interface zone maximizes pull out and fixation in all types of bone, including poor bone stock.
Tight fixation, friction and pull out are key factors in realizing challenging surgical techniques, particularly in osteoporotic bone.


C~Fix™ supports fractures during the healing process where other standard bone screws are likely to loosen or fail. A superior mechanical advantage during the healing process could mean the difference between success and failure of the surgical technique. A bone screw that provides a superior benefit could be a competitive advantage and may also speed up healing times and return patients back to mobility.

Fractures vary in complexity and pose certain challenges depending on a number of factors. The number of fragments, whether weight bearing or not weight bearing, diseased bone stock or osteoporotic bone are factors that contribute to just some of the challenges in the fixation of bone. Cingular’s C~Fix™ bone screw thread geometry design provides fixation security in all types of applications where other bone screws do not.