ResynergX™ BONE SCREW implant has been designed to augmented with the ResynergX™ BONE DRILL BIT.


The bone screw implant has two design features that make it unique in its function to that of current bone screw implants on the market.
Firstly the thread technology has an optimized screw and thread interface zone that maximizes pull out and fixation in all types of bone, including poor bone stock. A superior mechanical advantage during the healing process could mean the difference between success and failure of the surgical technique.

It is a complete bone screw implant drill bit system. The one product compliments the other in its function and also it’s design. The drill bit creates a bone tunnel that is laden with autologous bone material unlike the design of current drill bits that remove healthy tissue from the surgical site. The bone screw utilizes the autologous tissue created by the drill bit for healing and osseointergration.

When designing bone screw and instrument system attention to the characteristics of bone must be taken into consideration, these features can be used as an advantage in the effectiveness of the surgical outcome.