Preparation of holes prior to the deployment of dental implants is a critical step in the surgical technique. Dental surgeons access and visualize angulation and placement of the drill site prior to drilling and implant placement.

Cutting tool technology such has dental drill bits are effective in drilling and cutting however they may have a tendency to side cut. Side cutting may cause damage to surrounding tissues and compromise the hole geometry. Best surgical outcomes are normally supported by the correct dimensional placement of the hole.
Current  sharp leading edge drill bits may cause complications such as damage to soft tissues such as gums and also compromise the symmetry of the hole geometry.
When analyzing the needs for cutting tools to support superior clinical outcomes consideration must be placed on surrounding soft tissues and the effect that side cutting may have in the symmetry of hole preparation. 

The Cingular Dental range includes and standard and step drill self-centering soft tissue friendly designs that are both highly powerful in drilling bone material.

Ask Cingular about there range of dental drill bit products to suit your specific application.