The bone screw implant has two design features that make it unique in its function to that of current bone screw implants on the market.

Firstly the thread technology has an optimized screw and thread interface zone that maximizes pull out and fixation in all types of bone, including poor bone stock. A superior mechanical advantage during the healing process could mean the difference between success and failure of the surgical technique.

Secondly the ResynergX™ screw implant design has fluting similar to that of a drill flute. ResynergX™ flute design feature is specifically aimed at increasing the total surface area of the implant.


Current screw thread designs are focused mostly on screw pull out strength as the main design requirement however ResynergX™ has superior pullout strength with the added design enhancement of fluting to utilize autologous bone material. - Autologous bone material produced with the use of a ResynergX™ drill bit. Failure of healing and fixation is well known. A bone screw that provides a superior biological benefit could be a competitive advantage and may also speed up healing times, returning patients back to mobility sooner.

Orthopaedic surgical techniques vary in complexity and pose certain challenges depending on a number of factors. The number of fragments, whether weight bearing or not weight bearing, diseased bone stock or osteoporotic bone are factors that contribute to just some of the challenges in the fixation of bone screw or tissue anchors. Cingular’s ResynergX™ bone screw thread geometry design provides superior fixation with the addition of fluting to expedite resorbing or postoperative healing times.