Providing innovative medical products, creating change in the medical industry.


Cingular is a design, innovation and technology based company that produces a range of cutting tools and implants for the dental & orthopaedic medical device sector. Cingular extends the basic statement of requirements during the design process and product development to consider all types of conditions that products and users encounter during service.

Cingular has entered into license arrangements with a number of manufacturers across the globe facilitating the availability of our designs through the typical OEM supply chain. Cingular also manufactures and supplies a range of it’s own product - drill bits, pins and wires utilizing Cingular technology that can be purchased directly through Cingular or our distributors.


Cingular’s mission is to provide the medical device industry with a range of products and designs that create change. We do this through creative and inventive steps that challenge traditional type designs that are commonly used in the market today.