C~Bit™ has been designed with careful consideration to the requirements of orthopaedic surgery. C~Bit™ will outperform any other orthopaedic drill bit on the market today.


It provides surgeons with certainty, peace of mind and confidence that it will be sterile, and will cut through bone tissue accurately, with ease and total control, while minimising damage caused to soft tissue.
The design features include a controlled cutting cam-like edge that delivers maximum cutting efficiency where needed, and ultimate control during the drilling process. The flute geometry has been designed to reduce drill guide, surgical glove, soft tissue damage and prevent over-drilling holes. C~Bit™ is the result of many years of optimisation.

It has been engineered to provide superior performance and strength, as well as minimal bending during a drilling procedure to ensure correct hole alignment.
It is without question that surgeons will prefer a product that performs the best. C~Bit™ is an extremely safe, predictable, high performance surgical instrument for all conditions. Using computer modelling, C~Bit™ has the ultimate performance – both in cutting efficiency and strength.


The unique design of C~Bit™ achieves a reduced manufacturing cycle time, which means cost savings to your facility. C~Bit™ is, without a doubt, the most advanced orthopaedic drill bit on the market today.