Zero-Cast Wx Fracture Stabilisation

Zero-Cast Wx is a state-of-the-art fracture stabilization system. It offers clinicians and their patients a tamper-proof, lightweight, adjustable, hygienic, waterproof solution for the treatment of wrist fractures and injuries requiring stabilization.

Stable Fracture - Functional Joint

The Zero-Cast Wx design is motivated by Prof Sir John Charnley’s 3-point fracture fixation research and Professor Augusto Sarmiento’s work on functional cast bracing. Using advanced materials and modern manufacturing techniques, Zero-Cast engineers and the principle designing surgeon were able to create a system that stabilises the fracture while retaining joint function.

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  • Fast application (3 mins)

  • No more sweating and itching

  • Hygienic - patient can
    shower & bathe

  • Lightweight & comfortable

  • Day to day activities can continue

  • Clothes fit easily over Zero-Cast

  • Shorter clinic visits

  • Less joint stiffness & faster rehabilitation

  • Hypoallergenic foam lining comfort

  • Improved patient compliance

  • Protects muscle mass & joint health

  • X-ray with cast in place (radiopaque)

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