Introducing C~Pin™ and  C~Pin™ Threaded

C~Pin™ and  C~Pin™ Threaded have been designed as an alternative to using traditional trocar type pins and wires and traditional threaded type pins. The environment of surgery requires high accuracy and thermal insult to be kept at a minimum.

Current orthopaedic environment design technology offers a very high standard of specific design instrumentation. Trocar tip designs have evolved very little in over 100 years.  When analyzing the needs important consideration needs to be placed on today’s technological advancements and in the case of arthroplasty the use of polymers in the cutting guides.

The C~Pin™ has been specifically designed for use where a jig is fixated onto a patient. In most cases an oscillating saw performs cuts for bone shaping prior to implant deployment.
Cingular™ Orthopaedics has designed a range of single use pins to meet your requirements providing a safe and effective solution for pinning in all parts of the body. The
C~Pin™ has been specifically designed for orthopaedic surgeons providing first time results for best surgical outcomes.